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  • Patricia Bull
  • 40 år
  • Artist, musician, author and a former participant in the X-factor program

Patricia Bull works as an artist based on her popular Instagram profile

The Instagram profile quickly gives you an insight into Patricia’s cool and very personal way of expression. Earlier the music was in focus with Patricia’s participation in X-Factor in 2011. The industry is tough, and the pressure to produce music in a certain way slowly took away the joy and the passion for music. Patricia insists on being herself, and we love her for that. Follow Patricia Bull here at

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Patricia Bull

Meet Patricia

Describe your relationship with Copenhagen?

I was born at Amager, and I have all of my life here. I’m an introvert person so when I need Copenhagen; it’s the nature I need – where it’s possible to be (almost) alone in the middle of the big city. There are many places in Copenhagen that I love, but the common in particular has a special place in my heart, and I sit there from time to time and watch the sunset with my girlfriend while drinking tea, talking about life and listening to the birds.

Describe Your Style?

I don’t give much thought to how I choose my clothes – it’s all about what feels right in a given situation and what I find cool right then and there. My style of clothing has always been alternate and I never really know what to call this style. I believe eclectic is a very good word (eclectic = selecting and compiling elements from different areas to one whole).

Different moods set the agenda for my style, sometimes just my mood. To me “fashion” is to be able to feel good and relaxed in the clothes I’m wearing. It that way I get to experience life and not just be running around worrying about whether I’m dressed the right way. If I start thinking too much about what I wear I start feeling uncomfortable.

Name one Thing You Love?

Right now I’m kind of obsessed with Macha tea. Macha is a green tea in powder form. It tastes great.

What is Your Passion?

Supporting others in staying true to themselves is a big passion of mine. I think that for most people it is a daily struggle to try to constantly fit in and live up to standards defined by others, and I believe that you are at your best when you do what you are passionate about – when you are your true self.

What is Your Next Project?

Besides running my Instagram profile, I’ve started writing again. I have always needed an outlet for my feelings, and when I write, I can say what I think which gives me peace at heart. I do not quite know what it is, but right now the idea is to write small stories in a dystopian universe. It’s meant for my eyes only so maybe they’ll never see the light of day. We will have to see about that.


We are looking forward to that Patricia!


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