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Meet Anneli

Describe Your Relationship with Copenhagen?

I love Copenhagen and would like to spend many more hours in the inner city looking for new stuff to my wardrobe. Here I go visit retailers and second-hand shops where you can easily find very cheap both funny and beautiful garments. Copenhagen has everything you need; cool shops, street vendors, fast food, fine dining, a hectic city life, waterside and beautiful nature, you name it – I love Copenhagen!

Describe your style?

I used to wear a wig with long straight hair, long artificial eyelashes, and heavy makeup because I had the idea that that was what it took to look beautiful. But I’ve wisened up since then. Why go to such length to change your looks when you are beautiful just the way you are.

I favor no style in particular – it all depends on the mood I am in, but I often choose clothes with colors and prints – the style that attracts attention. One day you might see me in wearing multi-colored outfits and afro-clothes, the next day it might be a more casual look. The important thing to me is to feel comfortable.

Name One Thing You Love?

I love music, rhythm, dance and happy people.

What is Your Passion?

I struggle every day to get better at accepting who I am. I am passionate about accepting myself. Especially in the industry, I’m in; it can be difficult to not always compare yourself to others. But I’m well on my way!

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