How to make a sneaker

The BackYard sneaker is manufactured in good old-fashioned handmade style in a small family run factory in the historic city of Zlin in the Czech Republic – a factory capable of handling the need for production of small batches.

The sneakers are handmade from one end to the other by the finest most natural materials handpicked from all over Europe. The carefully planned production and the finest of materials are the very DNA of the BackYard sneaker that represents:

  • High quality
  • Strong durability
  • Exceptional comfort

Every little detail has been carefully designed to meet the needs of the consumer. Each step of the manufacturing process is carried out by fully engaged production workers who have made it a lifestyle to ensure a perfect end product.

One sneaker goes through twenty set of hands using highly specialized manufacturing processes before it ends up in the hands of the consumer.

The production process is carried out under the best of working conditions meeting all European standards.

The manufacturing of a pair of handmade BackYard sneakers – step by step:

  1. The raw materials such as natural rubber and canvas are closely inspected to ensure high standard before entering the production. Only materials meeting the high standards are put into production
  2. The sole of a sneaker is made from the finest natural rubber processed on specialized machinery operated by highly experienced workers. The unrolled rubber is then cut out into the various sole sizes
  3. The shock-absorbing sole on the inside of the sneaker is cut out, or partly cut out, by hand, using specialized moulds, the same moulds used for the manufacturing of the first pair of sneakers back in the 1950s
  4. Highly trained sewing machinists handle specialized parts of the whole design by sewing and gluing all of the small pieces together made from special carved canvas material
  5. A specially designed machine punches in the holes for the shoelaces and the logo is sewn on
  6. A hot vulcanizing process is used to assemble the upper part of the sneaker with the sole. This process includes heating of the materials to 170 degrees Celcius to make the upper part of the sneaker melt together with the sole. The hot vulcanizing process makes it possible for the sticky natural rubber to change its texture into a highly durable and mouldable three-dimensional structure
  7. Excess rubber is removed from both the front and outer sole of the sneaker – this is done to give the shoes a perfect finish. The jagged edge of the sneaker is very characteristic for a BackYard sneaker. Each sneaker is unique due to this process
  8. A pair of BackYard sneakers is now ready for shipping. The shoes go into boxes, and the shoe size number is put on the box for identification