About Us

BackYard Footwear – Born in Copenhagen

BackYard is one of the newest internationally acclaimed designers of fashionable sneakers. BackYeard represents a wide selection of sneakers that has been on the market since 1962 where a simple sneaker designed for the Czech army saw the light of day. The design has proven its worth for more than 50 years and is now meeting the needs of trendy consumers all over the world.

The sneaker was originally designed for sports purposes for the Czech army. Through a unique and advanced design process the sneakers have since then become a fashionable lifestyle item – now available in many colors and styles.

The sneakers are still produced in the same moulds in the Czech Republic as they were 50 years ago proving that this truly is a retro product.

An integral part of the shoe design is that it is manufactured in Europe using a hot vulcanizing process that ensures that only natural products  are used.

From the humble beginning in a Copenhagen backyard to a trendy internationally known lifestyle product, this sneaker is able to live up to the ever-changing tendencies in fashion.

Based in Denmark, you can compare the humble beginning of this sneaker with the fairy tale “The Ugly Duckling” by internationally recognized Danish writer H. C. Andersen or the internationally known fairy tale “Cinderella” – both starting out as humble characters but transforming into objects of great admiration. Check out the newest selection of shoes here at BackYard Footwear.

A trendy sneaker for everyone – no matter the age!